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More specifically… a YARN bomb!

The peeps responsible for this work of unexpected beauty are the Twilight Taggers, a yarn bombing group working guerilla style to pretty up our city.

They’re doing an installation at Fed Square for International Yarn Bombing Day and the Lights in Winter festival in June that both YOU and ME can be a part of! How fun! I’m going to Riot Art this afternoon to get some wool to contribute.

You can help with the frame, the poles, the lanterns or the snowflakes here. They also need wool winders for all their free wool!

Here’s a picture of the chandelier:

This is going to be so cool. How awesome would it feel to point at a part of this massive structure and say “hey, I did that!” (and even if you can’t find your bit you can point at someone else’s and say that was yours. They’ll never know the difference!).

So off you trot. Go grab those knitting needles!