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The long, long weekend

Image by Tweedle-Lee

Woah has the internet been broken! And the weekend busy!

… And SUNNY. Yes, it has been DELICIOUSLY sunny. I have been amazed at how broken/ busy/ sunny/ delicious the weekend has been.

These are the things that have made this weekend so busy/ sunny/ delicious and ended in me being a little broken:

– I have been watching Game of Thrones which is quite good, especially the second episode. I love historical fiction, and this is historical fiction AND fantasy which is even more fun!

PICKLE FISH! My nana makes pickled fish. It’s DELIGHTFUL. It sounds gross… don’t let the name fool you. We only get this once a year. Like Santa. But more edible.

– The Easter had DONKEY in the park. This was fun, I discovered that I can catch. Although the two oldest players (an uncle and a cousin’s boyfriend) seemed the least able to figure out how to play. Really, the cousin who’s in kindergarten can figure it out but a 30- and 50-year-old can’t?

– Easter also bought with it bacon and egg muffins on the BBQ. Easy peasy; KRAFT cheese on English muffins, bacon on top, egg cooked in a ring and plonked on while it’s still gooey with a dash of Worcestershire or HB sauce.

– In McCrae, I sat on the mountain called Arthur’s Seat, on a big verandah that looked down onto the ocean, with two lovely girls and listened to Adele’s album 21 and read Let the Right One In (where vampires are actually scary and do not sparkle in a silly fashion) and drank Beez Neez with nachos. Yum yum!

– The graphic novel V for Vendetta is a very vivaciously vivid… vasterpiece? I then watched Natalie Portman shave her head in the film version. Both are fun, with big explosions.

– Smashed avocado. Thyme. Mushrooms. Thick, crusty bread. Poached egg. Bacon. Latte… Sorrento.

– I also ate Lindt chocolate, as is expected on Easter.

So many things! What did you do this long long weekend?