Mmm… sacrilicious…

“It’s kind of an… immaculate confection.”

Tom Waits

And who could forget the hilarious hubbub that Cosimo Cavallaro got over My Sweet Lord?

But as funny as it would be to noms on Jesus… just be careful he doesn’t start gnawing on YOU!

For more hilarious Jesus zombifery (yes I just made that word up) have a look at They think it’s sacrilegious… I think it’s sacrilicious!

Happy Easter everyone!


Yak Ballz

How cool is this? The sample is from the Amelie soundtrack. And oh how I heart Yann Tiersen! Not to mention the artist’s name is kind of hilarial.

Borders lament

Oh, Borders Camberwell,

When you first opened up my heart did swell.

But now you’re shutting down,

And this makes me frown,

Now where do I waste time when I’m at that end of town?


Squishy couches, no more,

on which to lay down and snore.

Angus & Robinson ‘hoorayed!’

The violin played*,

As their nemesis went into receivership and caved.


Despite 20% off or 3 for 2,

The online booksellers outdid you.

The hordes came to spend,

To say farewell near the end,

But then thought, ‘I’ll get this cheaper online instead’.

*there was actually a guy with a violin across the road. I thought it quite appropriate.

Zomg number 90!

90 is a good number. My nana turned 90 in February and she’s pretty awesome. (Here’s the invite, though you did miss it!)

I was born in ’90.

The 90s were super cool… remember stirrup pants? Double denim? *NSync?

Sometimes these elements combined

Well this post is lucky number 90… how cool is that?! Almost as cool as Tazos!!

It seems as if I have a few regulars popping over here… according to the graph that shows me how many viewers I have each day.

If you are one of them… hello!

Because you are all so awesome and make me feel like what I write is actually being read, I think I might organise my first give away for post number 100. And maybe some tutorials too.

What do you think of that? Good idea?

Groovy. In that case I’m off to make a carrot cake.

This is on my wall:

I feel kind of horrible for beheading this poor giraffe, but I drew the body (in charcoal) before I realised I was a tad too short- even standing on a chair stacked with Yellow Pages- to reach where his head should be. Whups.

I got the idea from this artist:

Charlotte Mann via The Jealous Curator. I’m jealous too. I was going to do the whole wall but I haven’t gotten around to it and I’m not sure if I ever really will. The giraffe is enough for now, though I will eventually have to rustle up a ladder and give him a face…

Like this guy:

Oh, the political incorrectness! is awesome.

Glazed eyed housewives boozing it up, swearing toddlers, gay men in suits, sexual harassment in the office…

No wonder we idealize the good ‘ol days!

This one isn’t politically incorrect but oh I do enjoy his expression!

It looks like me when I drive… 

Oh so Wicked

I been watching so much Glee this weekend. My brother is laughing at me and saying I’m gay but WHATEVS. It’s fun. Hugely blatantly stereotypical in the portrayal of characters, but still fun.

I fell in love with this bit:

This song actually reduces me to tears sometimes. We saw Wicked on the West End in the first week of our trip and it was the first time in a while that a climactic chorus had me choking up from the intensity of the eargasm. It was an awesome performance, the first time I had seen the musical, and the 2nd/ 3rd/ 4th time my friends had. I loved it. I can’t wait for a movie version. And I hope it has this guy in it:

Yum yum yum!