Zomg number 90!

90 is a good number. My nana turned 90 in February and she’s pretty awesome. (Here’s the invite, though you did miss it!)

I was born in ’90.

The 90s were super cool… remember stirrup pants? Double denim? *NSync?

Sometimes these elements combined

Well this post is lucky number 90… how cool is that?! Almost as cool as Tazos!!

It seems as if I have a few regulars popping over here… according to the graph that shows me how many viewers I have each day.

If you are one of them… hello!

Because you are all so awesome and make me feel like what I write is actually being read, I think I might organise my first give away for post number 100. And maybe some tutorials too.

What do you think of that? Good idea?

Groovy. In that case I’m off to make a carrot cake.


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