Last Dinosaurs RAWG

They (they being The Last Dinosaurs) played at Northcote Social Club on Friday night and gosh darn were they fun!

I did wish their set was a bit longer, but as the tickets cost $12, who am I to complain?

Honolulu was the one that got the most cheers (and happens to be the one that makes me grin goofily and yell ‘hey!’) and they played lots of ones that I didn’t know but my friend Emily did (she’s a lot cooler than me).

I really like Northcote SC for gigs, the room is just so tiny that you can’t help but absorb the energy. The sound completely surrounds you. Sometimes, as the band before these guys experienced (Papa Vs. Pretty, I believe they were called) it’s hard to get a good balance of sound; the vocals weren’t loud enough to compete with the guitars. You could still tell they were good though, go have a listen here.

A good night for cheap with two of my favourite ladies and lots of dinosaurs. RAWG.


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