I just bought these books:

Lots of short stories from one of my favourites. I love the way Neil Gaiman will turn you about, pop you on your head, spoon you a cup of tea laced with stardust and put you right side up, staggering down the windy path towards reality while not quite sure if you will make it.

Beauty & the Beast is my favourite Disney movie of all time. Therefore this book, as well as the next book

… is a retelling. Sue me. In the normal way of things- well, for me anyway- I will also see the film no matter how bad the reviews. Once I like a narrative I tend to hunt down every interpretation of it and judge them all.

And the last-

They hooked me by writing “fans of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series will love this“.

I’m out of Outlander books. The next one doesn’t  come out till 2012, so I need a nice long series to keep me going.

These are next on the to buy list:




What have you read lately? Anything you would recommend? I highly recommend Neverwhere and Stardust by Neil Gaiman (yes, again) which are both fantastical and funny and sweet, one being about a fallen star who uses the word “fuck”, and the other about a slightly scattered Scotsman who finds himself in a secret world that exists underneath, above and all around London. Also The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl, a collection of short stories that have the humour and magic of his children’s stories, but with some grown ups in them. Also also, a book called Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks which features a boy whose father expects to go into the evil mastermind family business, but at fourteen decides to use his genius to rebel.

So many books, so little time… or money, for that matter. I use The Book Depository when I know what I’m looking for. Everything is so gosh darn cheap and free shipping is the delicious pile of ice cream on top of the apple pie that is the awesomeness of the site. Now, I’m going to go and find a book to re-read as none of these books have actually arrived yet.



One response to “I just bought these books:

  1. Hi,

    i am really fond of reading this type of books i think i should read them also..


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