(Not) Gonna ride my bike until I get home

I’m not a huge fan of bikes. As most people who know me know, I took a spin on a bike around this time last year around the botanic gardens… and ended up in the Royal Melbourne hospital.

Stupid bike.

But this song makes me like bikes. It makes me want to RIDE bikes.

And the pretty girls riding around in floral dresses and boots make me want to ride bikes… and hearing about Isis writing a post on the same song (freaky coincidence much?!) and seeing her bike around Finland

And the knowledge of how super duper EASY it would be getting to and from work… zooming down the side streets of Richmond, in the bike lanes… on a pretty white bike with a wicker basket… with the wind on my helmet and the sun in my eyes…

Through the botanical gardens, and down the hill and BAM I’ve dislocated my collar bone again.

Even though “I’m gonna move my legs until I get home” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, maybe I should stick to walking.

Photo available from Blackbird Experience


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