Cute and quirky Bratislava

On the way from Krakow to Budapest, we stopped over in Bratislava for lunch. That’s right, we visited an entirely new country simply to have a short look around and get some muchly needed munchies. It was a cool day, and a fairly dense fog shrouded the cobbled streets.

The town bustled with people. Quirky statues dotted the streets as we walked out of the city centre.

There, the streets were fairly deserted. We passed houses with smashed windows and covered in both graffiti and art…

…as we walked to a beautiful cathedral with a trail of gold coins embedded in the street.

Passing through the oldest intact section of the city wall, we encountered the narrowest shopfront in the world.

We finished our short walking tour in a town square, bursting with people and the smells of roasting meat and spiced wine and Christmas carols in unfamiliar languages. I had a delicious meat patty (animal of unknown origin) on flatbread with some odd but delicious creamy butter and pickles and onion. I probably smelt horrible after that, but I was too hung over to care. It was such a short trip, but Bratislava was so surprisingly cute. If she was a person, she would wear thick rimmed glasses and a cheeky smile.


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