They’re singing rococo rococo rococo rococo

What a fun song. Nobody can seem to figure out if Arcade Fire making fun of all the hipsters out there or trying to send them the message “hey man, don’t hate us just because we’re popular!” 

It’s generating quite the heated debate on Song Meanings.

I offer an alternative interpretation: what if it’s an homage to the original hipster?

The rococo gentleman!

"My very tight pants have shrunken my appendage. To compensate, I shall double the height of my hair."

Let’s do a checklist:

Androgynous, indeterminate sexual preference, emaciated frame clothed in tight layers, and too cool to give a shit that someone is about to poke him with a stick. Apathy to the extreme.

Starting his own zine. About synthesizers.


  And just look at that fucking bathtub connection!

So yeah. Arcade Fire are suggesting that the origins of the hipster are grounded in the rococo era, defined by shallowness and an over-the-top aesthetic.

Whaddaya reckon? Am I reading too much into this? Do the other guys have it more right?


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