Move like a jellyfish…

Rhythm don’t mean nothing,

you go with the flow,

you don’t stop!

You said it, Jack Johnson.

I’m simultaneously fascinated and terrified. At Sandrigham beach yesterday, I was very much tempted to poke the gelatinous bodies washed ashore but also a bit too frightened… despite the fact that these ones aren’t supposed to be poisonous. They’re still gross looking; a bit pink and grey like a giant bloody snot ball.  In the water, however, they’re quite pretty and graceful.

I used a quill to draw this, with splashes of watercolor pencil and paint. Quills are so much fun to write and draw with! I always thought that the wizards in Harry Potter were a bit stupid- you can invent a spell to make someone’s legs dance the tarantella but you can’t invent a pen?!- but after getting my pretty quills in Florence and playing around for a bit I decided they were super fun and would it really be that impractical to take notes at uni with it? It would? Oh.

I guess I did knock over the ink pot and create a huge splotch on most of the pages of that notebook. And the granite table. And the floor.

Maybe I’ll stick to the pen.

2 responses to “Move like a jellyfish…

  1. ZETTE i wish i read this before i saw you at calvis so i could tell you ( becuase vocal inflections > comments ) how awesome this is !! please post more of your art becuase its terrific. ( i realize this seems lazy of me since i have not blogged in awhile. but anyway !! ) ( next time i see you i’ll have at least 3 more things to ask you after today’s blog stalk ahaha )

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