Three times a letter

I’ve been naughty on the blogging front, but as I was in Europe, can you really blame me? You can? Oh. In that case, sozballs.

It was a crazy 2-and-a-half months, but I’m back in Melbourne, just missing out on the scorching heat I was fantasizing about in sub-zero temperatures, and instead getting torrential rain and mugginess that doubled the height of my hair.

Dragging 19.6 kilos of luggage (PLUS a huge handbag with my Docs in it, PLUS 2 liters of duty-free booze) through customs, covered in a thin layer of aeroplane cabin and a few splotches of the beef or chicken special that jumped off my fork during turbulence, nothing sounded better than home.

And when I got home, I had a nice surprise awaiting me on my desk in my room.

A letter! And (four times) something even better….

A crapload of parcels! Yay! I guess I sneezed enough times overseas to get multiple packages in the mail. Huzzah!

I love getting things in the mail. It’s so exciting, especially when you forget you’ve ordered something.

So package number 1, that mum thought had broken stuff inside, happened to be from the lovely Heather at CROQ zine, containing prizes from the fundraising effort to get issue #12 off the ground (click here to buy if interested. It’s pretty rad… I would click if I were you!). Remember that? I wrote about it a long while ago. It was titled CROQgratulations! How clever. Not really.

This is my make-your-own-lipgloss kit, something I may try today…

These are all of my CROQs to add to the bookshelf and spend rainy days reading…

And this is the handwritten card I got from Heather. How loverly! And lobster-like!








The next parcel was the stuff I sent home from Amsterdam. Not as fun, although it did contain lots of clothes unsuitable for the sub-zero temperatures of Europe.

The next parcel was an exciting addition to my wardrobe, being the two pairs of shorts I bought off Mousevox Vintage on Etsy… I heart the stripy ones to bits!








Last, but probably most exciting of the lot, was THE LITTLE TEA ZINE!! Isis of isismade is kind of amazing. Have a look at this!

Wowser! And here’s my little ol’ article on how to make a candle in a tea cup!

Huzzah! You can buy one of these on Isis’ Etsy for only $5. If you’re a tea person, or even if you have no idea how to boil the water to make the tea, this zine will be worth the pennies you pay for it. It’s packed cover to cover with tea tutorials, recipes, a scary story and pretty pictures.

Oh! AND you get a badge with it. Mine says ‘there ain’t no party like my nan’s tea party’! Despite not really being a badge person, I will wear this with pride upon my bosom. It speaks the truth. My nan rocks.

I’ll post the full tutorial, and the bow tie one from Mixtape asap… but right now I have 19.6 kg of suitcase to unpack!


3 responses to “Three times a letter

  1. Yay, glad it got to you!! I hope you have fun with the lip balm kit!

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