Amsterdam is so gosh darn cool. I don’t think I would be allowed to live here because I would drag down their stats on the international coolness index. Also I would be the shortest person here and would forever struggle to reach things… I’d need one of those claw grabber things. We went to flea markets and bought Christmas jumpers and vintage stores and galleries with Mark Ryden postcards and coffee shops (yes, THAT kind of coffee shop!) and lots of seedy bars. The canals have frozen over and are dusted with snow and the ducks stroll across the thin ice and look like they’re walking on water.
We strolled the red light district and saw a sex show. It was gross. I saw Santa doing things I never wanted to see Santa do. We caught trams and forgot to go to the Van Gogh museum because we stayed up till 5 drinking jäger shots out of test tubes after dancing in a pirate themed bar and pretending to be the club photographer with a random Australian guy called Callum’s camera and getting free shots.
Feeling it a bit today, not as badly as the other girls. They got hangovers, I got the cold. Sore throat, chesty cough, Christmas themed mucus (ie green and red. Too much information? I’ve spent too long living in close quarters with four other girls!).
It’s a bit lame that my first entry is a month and a half into the trip. I’m going to be blogging about this trip for a year trying to catch up!
Oh well, I don’t mind reliving these memories!


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