50 & 90 = 140… holy crap!

It’s my nana and mum’s birthday coming up in February. Nana gave birth to mum the day before her 40th birthday, so they’re almost exactly 40 years apart. How cool is that? We celebrated their 40th and 80th ten years ago, and now it’s nearly time for the big 50 90! That’s 140 years all up! Holy crap!

I made these invites the other day with A LOT of help from my friend Emily who is a Photoshop whiz. I’m more of a paint gal, myself!

I imagine, without her help, it would have looked something like this:

That thing in the corner is a cake, fyi.

But with Emily nodding along and putting up with my ‘why don’t you move this bit here? Oh no, it looked better back there. No wait, over there!’ without stabbing me, while we drank our post-gelati green tea with jasmine (yum), we managed to come up with this:

Whaddaya think? My mum and my nana are babes, right? How cool is nana’s 50s style dress? Or is it a suit?

We had to give nana a fake foot as it was cut off at the bottom of the pic like so:

She's not an amputee. Someone just lacks photography skillz.

She’s strolling around Durbin, South Africa in this, circa 1953. It would be so cool to get that dress made for me in real life!

Mum’s pic is much more hilariouser (yes, that is a word of my invention. You may use it as you please). It was probably more acceptable in the 80s, which is when this photo was taken…

Ruffles! More ruffles!

It looks like someone dipped her in the fairy floss machine! SO much better in sepia!

I would love some feedback on the invite, as nana- the grand matriarch and birthday girl, one of two- has yet to see it. I’m a bit nervous!

3 responses to “50 & 90 = 140… holy crap!

  1. i’m actually quite taken with the original invite, very ‘tormented artist’.
    your lover xx

  2. Thanks babe. I’m glad someone got the ‘tormented’ part.

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