Happy Movember!

It’s that time of year again, where all of the boys you know go from sweetly shaven to hairy beasts of men. When their unseemly stubble becomes magnificently manicured.

Mostly they all start looking like 70s porn stars, which I think is probably a motivating factor… I mean, no one would be friends with or walk side by side when passing playgrounds with some of these mustaches lest they be tainted by association. But if it’s for a cause, the Mo Sistas with simply wrinkle their noses as their men’s facial follicles tickle their noses and send them off sneezing.

Prostate cancer and male depression are great causes to get behind, and paying someone to look hilarious for a whole month is a great way to do it.

But here are a couple of other ways for you Mo Sistas to contribute without letting your lady-stache get out of hand: I bought one of these off Raw Space after I saw them on The Design Files for $49.95 including shipping and I plan to wear it with pride! Although my sister says hair removal gets a bit lax when traveling through Europe in hostels, so it might not be the only Mo I’m sporting during the month.

Ew… too much sharing?

There are also these awesome looking cookies that you could make:

It's Billy Connolly!!

I found these on Traime’s Kitchen, and she got the recipe from Lovin’ From the Oven. They look so yummy I doubt I could stop at one… that’s the only problem with this fundraiser, that you’re curing prostate cancer but contributing to obesity!

If you know a mini-person incapable of growing his or her own Mo, you should encourage them to become a pirate by buying them this Awesome Movember Pirate Mustache shirt by Darling Deuce on Etsy.

If only they made these in real people sizes. Sigh.

So it kind of rocks to be a Mo Sista as you get cool stuff for supporting a cause, and no itchy facial hair.

But you never know, there may be one day when the ladies are encouraged to “mow” for Movember (sozballs, had to do it. But beware, it’s as subtle as it is tasteful!)…


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