Number 21- share a random high school memory

There’s something immensely satisfying about popping a pimple, isn’t there?

Don’t act all disgusted. You KNOW you secretly enjoy it!

I’m not sure what it is… maybe its our love of the abject*, and this is an acceptable way of indulging in our fascination of bodily functions.

I have a friend who, in high school, insisted on popping another friend’s pimples- you so know who you are!- and would chase her around the common room attempting to grab hold of her nose or chin and squeeeze. It was absolutely fascinating (and hilarious!) to watch, especially as I had very clear skin in high school and didn’t often get to see pimples popped (yeah I know, I’m the only one who went through puberty without acne. Stone me if you must. If it’s any consolation, my breasts grew to a size E so now I can’t wear nice bras!) 

So that takes care of number 21- share a random high school memory.

That would be two of my friends in an all out battle over who got to pop her pimples.

P.S. If you want to see something absolutely disgusting, yet strangely satisfying, go here. I warn you though, don’t eat custard/ yoghurt/ anything liquid and creamy while watching!

*The abject is anything that, once removed from the body, becomes both disgusting and fascinating… I wrote essays about this in horror films. The only essay I ever got to write the line ‘the abject consists of: piss, blood, pus, shit…’ well, you get the gist! We had a lecture in cinema studies on the abject in horror and our lecturer was this stately lady, possibly in her 60s in a nice lady suit, using words like ‘piss’ and ‘shit’ and ‘vomit’ and eliciting a collective giggle from the audience every single time. It was worse than sex ed!

2 responses to “Number 21- share a random high school memory

  1. Ahhhh… I love Zit Porn! That one is one of my favourites! Search on YouTube for ‘Squeeze that shit’ and you’ll find some if my other favourites. :-)

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