Tea cups and painting and vintage, oh my!

These are some things I’ve done so far this week:

Planted some little plants in little tea cups! One has a pretty flower, but the rest are just greenery.  They’re making a nice little window sill garden in the loungeroom:

And in my sister’s room. She insisted that two cups looked silly so she needed three:

The cups are from T2 but all have smashed handles and chips so aren’t really suitable for drinking! It’s the Afternoon Tea range in case you’re interested… they might still have some left!

It was fun getting our hands dirty. I so want a veggie garden and to do some planting but I think a window sill garden might be all I can manage as we don’t have any outdoor space.

I also did some painting for uni:

I might call it ‘Wattle Park’ or something similarly unimaginative!

Got some more wool from le op shop for the blanket, bought a dress and a skirt from the op shop for refashioning, watched Tess of the D’Urbevilles which is REALLY REALLY SAD and booked some hostels for November (45 days till I go how exciting!).

Unfortunately my thrifty spirit was tested when I came across THIS shop on Etsy:

MOUSEVOX VINTAGE where I bought a white crocheted cape and decided that I was going to become a mod. It was so hard picking only one thing to buy as I also wanted this:

Oh my.

And these:

But as the cape overdrew my bank account I think I’ll leave it for today!

… Can someone please go and buy these items so I’m no longer tempted? They’re still sitting there… calling out to me… how can I resist their siren call?!

What things have you done so far this week? Can you believe it’s already Wednesday?! Where has the whole week gone! It’s nearly the weekend… and Christmas!… well not really. Have you started planning your weekend activities yet?


3 responses to “Tea cups and painting and vintage, oh my!

  1. lovin your tea cups! i’m so sorry i haven’t kept anyone up to date with the tea zine, i just sort got sidetracked! very sidetracekd! but uni is nearly finished, i can smell the finish line :)

    so i’m giving it about 3 – 4 weeks

  2. this…is…just…unbelievable….luv this? soooooooooooooooomuch <3<3<3

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