*Mature content warning :)

Some pretty songs with some not-so-serious pottymouth:

Could you find the swear words? I like it when singers get all passionate and angry… although Angus may need to calm himself down somewhat before he pops a blood vessel or gives himself a hernia.

Now for a not-so-pretty but oh-so-fun song with some serious sweartime:

This song is so not appropriate for work, and a regular who’s about a hundred years old just came in and heard Cee Lo Green getting all inappropriate. Whups. Sorry Elgin! I’m a product of the times… these kids now-a-days and their hip hop music and Walkman gadgets and space invaders…

What other songs do you think I should add to my do-not-play-at-work list? Or maybe I should add them to my play-at-work list and try and educate the South Melburnians as to the idea that it’s ok to use swears in music sometimes? Do you think it’s ok to swear a bit in songs? All the time, or just sometimes? I would like to know your opinion on this issue!


2 responses to “FUCK FUCK FUCK*

  1. i love songs that swear, and i love singing them at home and belting out the swear words. particularly good for this is that mumford & sons song that says “I really fucked it up this time didn’t i my dear?’, and also Martha Wainwright’s ‘Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole ‘

    But when I get to work i always feel terrible when there is one tiny swear word, i turn into such a nana!

    • Oh I forgot Mumford! But I might save listening to Martha for when there aren’t so many people around :)
      I especially like listening to Mumford and Sons live… hundreds of people screaming ‘I really FUCKED it up this time’ is so much more fun!

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