These blogs that go a-travellin’

I want my blog to be a travel blog, but alas I am not currently traveling! It’s a bit harder making a travel blog when you’re not going anywhere. Yet.

Brendan’s travel blog (remember him from blog no. 5? No? Then click here!) is full of his sense of humor. So much so that I can hear him reading it to me in my head. It’s a nice break from the other voices. :D

He found a Lord of the Rings themed gelateria where the ice creams are named after the characters and notified me immediately, saying (I assume in his Gandalf voice, even though this was through Facebook),


His blog is similarly silly:

Meanwhile, Alex’s blog (he modeled a bow-tie for me here) is more a collection of visual wittiness rather than verbal. He’s only just started his since he got to Milan so there’s not much on there but it seems to have the potential to become incredibly hipster/ indie cool…

He's so postmodern that he doesn't talk anymore, he wears different coloured t-shirts according to his mood. Just like the Bedroom Philosopher.

Meanwhile, the lovely Monburger (who hasn’t appeared in my blog but I think is in my blogroll) in America- although she’s usually Australian- has more of an angry, ranty funniness about the general awkwardness of stuff:

She's also a very talented artist.

So those are the blogs that I’m reading currently and getting a little bit envious of. I’m not sure what my travel blog will be like when I start… I’m pretty sure it won’t be suddenly infused with wittiness, as I’m not witty in Australia so I doubt that I’ll be any better at it in Europe. I struggle with minimalist and cool, as anyone who has seen my sense of fashion (maybe lack of it?) would know. And I’m not a particularly angry person.

What blogs are making you jealous right now? Or wistful? Or generally antsy to go a-travellin’? Or maybe you’re already a-travellin’… in that case, get off the computer and go take me some pretty pictures!


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