Nighty-night-time tea

I just bought some lavender tea from T2 so I decided to blend three of my teas together to make an approximation of a tea I sometimes drink at the bf’s dad’s house.

I cut up tea bags because I didn’t have loose leaf peppermint and chamomile which seems like a bit of a waste but the result was well worth it! It would be awesome if I could figure out how to put my mix back in the tea bags so I don’t have to dirty up a tea pot right before bed…. hmm any nifty suggestions? My brain is rather sluggish right now after all that tea!

I used 3 bags of dried peppermint, 4 bags of chamomile and 3 teaspoons of dried lavender. The lavender is quite strong; maybe more chamomile next time. I only used a teaspoon for tonight and I have a whole container left over so I might start having this before bedtime instead of my usual green as the small amount of caffeine in the green keeps me up sometimes. Although apparently if you have too much lavender, instead of having its usual soothing effect it has the opposite and you start bouncing off the walls! I can just image the energy drink market cracking onto this… Red Bull, now with flowers!

Any other successful tea experiments? I would enjoy hearing them!


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