I know I shouldn’t like plastic.

It destroys our planet and eats human babies. No Joke.

And it’s landfill and it will out-survive me and you and Twinkies and cockroaches and probably judgement day.

As bad a wrap (geddit?! WRAP?) plastic has had over the years, it is mighty useful. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like my bins to not be lined with plastic. I can’t even comprehend how they managed before the bin liner… did they have to scrub out their bins each time? Gross!

I like that Melbourne has acknowledged the usefulness of plastic and has built a monument to this immortal technology:

The Nylex Plastics building.

I want to live in this building. All my furniture would be circular.

I already have a circle couch, but I would need to invest in a circle bed and a circle dinner table and circle desks and circle cupboards…

All made out of plastic of course!

…By the way, these were taken off my iPhone, aren’t they bon? Unfortunately seeing perfectly good photos taken with technology like this tends to give me even less reasons to buy that $400 camera I kinda want. Drat.


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