The internet crapped up like crazy this weekend, so in lieu of sitting in front of the screen doing homework and getting distracted from homework with Facebook, I baked and crocheted.

I made zucchini fritters,  and my sister made lemon meringue pie and lemon butter (which just tasted like lemon meringue pie filling but I’m not complaining!) and I started a blanket out of all my bits and bobs of wool… GIANT GRANNY SQUARE!!


I got the pattern from the Meet Me At Mikes blog (here) and it’s super easy especially for beginners like me. I watched random films on the World Movies channel while I did it.

The blue was originally going to be a scarf but then I changed my mind and decided blanket instead! It’s about 1 square meter but I want it to drape over my double bed so I gots a little while to go! I might need to pop down to the op shop or Spotlight and get some more wool as I’m about to run out.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Oh and also check out Wardrobe Refashion blog as I’m going to post this up there. And if you’re popping over from there then hello! How are you going with your refashioning?

2 responses to “GIANT GRANNY SQUARE!!

  1. Check it out!! So that’s what happens when you just keep going?! Hehe…

    xo Steph fellow beginner crocheter, refashioner and friend…awww

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