The clouds in Melbourne are certainly frowning…

Yes we are having some wild wild weather! Floods, rain, wind, and New Zealand even  had an earthquake! Since when does NZ get earthquakes?

It’s kind of fun at night when you can cuddle up with a heat pack in a nice squishy bed with a cup of tea and the latest Frankie… but when you’re trudging to uni and to work the wild weather can be quite disheartening.

These lads, despite being called The Frowning Clouds, do not make me disheartened. In fact they make me quite heartened (is that even a word? I don’t know ALL of the words!).

 I Saw You by The Frowning Clouds.

They’ve all cut their hair with the aid of a bowl (I assume) and seem to be spiritually channelling some rockers from the sweet, swinging 60s.

If the clouds that are currently frowning at Melbourne at the moment were this cute I would have no issue at them lingering overhead :)


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