What’s in a nickname?

I’m not usually a fan of my name. It’s girly, and flowery and a little bit prim. It’s hard for people to hear when you introduce yourself in noisy environments as the soft ‘l’ and ‘s’ sounds seem to barely escape your lips before they disappear on the wind.

I like my nickname. It’s fun and a bit odd. When I Google it not much comes up which makes me feel unique. There are a lot of cool words with ‘z’ in them…. zippy, zany, crazy… uh… zoo. I feel a bit kookier as Zette as opposed to Lisette. I feel a bit more fun.

But then I came across this LISETTE poufy party mini dress on Etsy, made by someone called LoveJune.

While it DOES cost $325 dollars, I think there are a few signs suggesting that I buy it.

1. Lisette is my name.

2. I didn’t Google myself to find this; it popped into my inbox quite of its own will.

3. I’m born in June, hence I LoveJune!

As the seller/ dress-maker says, ‘Lisette is the life of the party, showing just enough skin but remaining classy and fun!’

I would happily be that Lisette, she sounds awesome and she has wicked dress sense!


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