Book vs. Kindle- who will win?!

I just finished an awesome book- Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon (the second in the Voyager series) mostly while sitting on the tram on the way to uni. It was a delicious use of time. I just finished writing an essay on why eBooks will not replace the printed book because the printed book is a commodity that reflects our identities, much like our clothes or haircut. I don’t really like the identity that’s reflected by this cover art.

Yes, stranger, I read sappy looking books that almost certainly contain elements of erotica.

Not that the book didn’t contain sex. It did. And love and heartbreak and all the stuff that Mills & Boon thrives on… But it did have a plot and well developed characters in addition to these things! At least the cover didn’t contain any sheer materials over bare nipples, or titles such as ‘The Captain’s Fiery Lust’.

Another prime example!

All jokes aside, if I wanted to read books with ridiculous covers (such as seen above) or the myriad of embarrassing artworks adorning fantasy works produced in the 80s and 90s, the Kindle would be awesome as. One can read sappy historical fiction or nerdy fantasy on the tram with everyone none the wiser.

Or maybe I should just embrace my love of Nora Roberts and Diana Gabaldon and Tamora Pierce and Isobelle Carmody and by doing that embrace the nerdy yet romantic  part of my identity that the Kindle would oh-so-effectively cover up.

That, or hide the hilarious covers behind something intelligent looking, like War and Peace.

Although if it looks anything like this, I fear that it will be a wasted effort.


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