Patterns patterns patterns!

I’ve gone eBay crazy again.

The last time I went eBay crazy I bought 3 pairs of Docs, (black, silver and white with red roses) this time I bought 3 patterns for pretty dresses. Apparently my craziness comes and goes in threes.

I just get excited bidding for stuff! When it’s in the last-minute and you place your bid with 10 seconds to go… and you win!! And I get all ‘yay I won something!’…completely forgetting that I have to pay for the stuff I win.

I haven’t sewn from a pattern since year 9 textiles where I made an ugly blue shirt. Serious life skills learnt there… I mean  what self-respecting year 9 wears a shirt?! Year 9s wear… I really can’t remember. I don’t think I was a very fashionable year 9. I think I wore long flowing hippie skirts and ropes of beads.

Well now if I can figure these out I will fill my wardrobe with retro goodness! The blog Sew Retro definitely convinced me to buy buy buy as people have made these and posted pictures and they look FABULOUS.


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