New header design

I figured no one’s going to take me seriously until I take myself seriously.

But that sounded too serious for my liking so I ditched that idea.

But seriously, (or not so seriously?) I would like to set up my Etsy store which will be (pcss stands for purple custard service station. Would you have guessed? :D )

So here are the doodles I did today at work that may become a header for my Etsy store and maybe this blog…

First ideas (well the first one was on the post-it note!)

In other news I get to see Boy for free on Thursday with my friend Anna. It looks so cute and funny! Apparently it won awards too. Good on them.

I won it through emails I get from SBS and apparently there’s a few left for Chadstone and Highpoint (go to See Films First and enter promotional code 268445… good luck!)

Aaaah what a CUTIE! Reminds me of my several of my cousins (none of which are from New Zealand!!)

I also won two tickets to see Me and Orson Welles through Quick Flix which is kind of awesome. I wish my awesome luck would get me a few million dollars or a house or a car or something… but I’m not going to knock back free movie tickets…

And tomorrow I will be interviewing psychic extraordinaire Jacquelene Close-Moore for journalism.

I wonder what mystical things tomorrow has in store for me?

So things are pretty fun at the moment.


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