Hot chili hiccups!

So I get the hiccups when I eat things with hot chili really fast. I discovered this one night when my cousins and I went out karaoke-ing and I drank many a glass of alcohol (including something called a Bronx island ice tea which had 5 shots and coke- it graduated from green to brown. Sexy!) and had the midnight munchies. We tucked into pizza from that night and I had forgotten about the hot hot jalepenos and proceeded to ‘hic!’ for the rest of the night till the morning light.

So I did it again today with chili stuffed olives. I don’t get the hiccups for months at a time but when I do get them, I get them 8 times in one day. I tried all my tricks; I held my breath, I guzzled water, I guzzled water upside down, I watched Friday the 13th to try and scare it out of me (but should have known better; hiccups and hysterical laughter are not a good combo). Nothing worked!

I love this site’s idea for a cure, it involves holding your breath and swallowing and trying to breathe in more and more swallowing over and over until… I assume you pass out. I’m not sure, I started seeing spots and gave up.

This site has 250 (!!) ‘cures’ (if any of them cured hiccups would they still have listed the other 249 useless ones?!) and I think I got up to number 14 before I realized I didn’t actually have the hiccups any more and probably hadn’t had them for a while. I’m cured! But which one was the one that worked? I guess I’ll never know.

Despite not working today, I’m still a big believer in ‘drink a cup of water backwards’ which involves tipping your upper body upside-down and drinking from the opposite lip of the glass, so the one furthest away. Plus it looks hilarious, especially when people do it in public. Other people. So tell your friends.

It usually looks more funny than this.

What hilarious looking cures have you found? Do any of them work? Do you tell them to people even though they don’t work to watch them do funny things?

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