From places I’d rather be.

beach house

I think it’s because it’s gloomy winter but I’m feeling quite down. Photos from summer may make me feel better. Or maybe worse.

I miss last summer where my best friends and I went and stayed at Alex’s beach house at Lorne (first 3 pics). We lazed in the sun and drank apple cider and cooked for each other like proper adults. We walked down the strip of shops and ate ice cream and fudge and fish and chips and fed the birds and played games in the light of the mosquito lamp as the sun went down. On the rainy day we watched I Dream of Jeannie and The Partridge Family and Bewitched.

The bottom picture is a day that mum and me went to Elsternwick beach on a whim and lay in the sun and read books and went into the water up to our knees but it was too windy and we were too chicken to go all the way in because of the jellyfish. We ate pre-packed trail mix and got ice cream in cones and packed up all our things and compared tans before we hopped in the mini and drove home.

I think it’s because assignments are due soon but I just want to be going somewhere. I’m in a waiting room, waiting for stuff to get interesting when I should be making things interesting. I want to disappear into last year and dreams and the future and I know I shouldn’t but I can’t seem to help it.

Help! What do you do to get rid of the winter gloomies? I need advice!!

Do you snuggle up with your pink slippers and Friends DVDs? Bake? Clean? Give lots of hugs? Take on impossible projects? Pretend you’re a wizard? What helps you through assignment time and rainy days?

2 responses to “From places I’d rather be.

  1. trackies and our year 12 jumper, tea, movie, making muffins, magazines, sitting there procrastinating

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