Jedi vs. Ninja (vs. Pirate vs. Wizard)… who would win?!

On a rainy day like today, a girl needs a sturdy umbrella to make sure her perfectly styled coiffure doesn’t get un-coiffured* 

*not actually a word.

I’m using my mum’s trusty tulip umbrella, which I’m pretty sure is spring loaded for quick access as I nearly put out an eye as it exploded open. 

I kinda wish I had THESE nifty umbrellas from Think Geek to fight off the rain. 

First, the supposedly Blade Runner umbrella. I haven’t seen Blade Runner but I think it’s more Star Wars-esque myself, like Luke got pissed off and stabbed his umbrella after he found out that he and Leia were related and she was therefore not booty-call material. 

The force is not with this umbrella today.


My other fave is the samurai sword. In the war of pirate vs. ninja, I would actually consider abandoning the pirate ship (pun intended!) for the ninja one if you got one of these at the door (and a free cocktail. But that’s just a suggestion.)



However in the pirate vs. ninja vs. jedi vs. wizard war, I would definitely abandon the ninja camp for the wizards as I’d never need either of these umbrellas again as I’d have wicked wizard skillz to keep out the rain.


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