Ode to the grandpa jumper

I did bad today.

I’m saving for Eurotrip (minus sex club in Amsterdam) and I’ve been doing so well. Until today. Today I bought pretty shoes, pretty undies and some op shop goods (I think I spent around two hundy all up. Eep!). The op shop goods are the only things I don’t feel bad about purchasing as good ol’ Ben Lion oppie in Wattle park was having a sale. “A sale at an op shop?” you may say incredulously, but I have a feeling the cash coming through their doors has depleted somewhat since I moved from the area and am no longer walking past the prettily arranged window every day and popping in for some impulse spending.

Anyways, the sale was on clothes, and you got as many as you could shove into a small bag for $5. I managed to get 5 pieces, so that’s a dollar a piece… Winner!! They were all bulky grandpa jumpers though so it was quite a challenge and good training for when I need to sneak an extra 5 kg into my hand luggage to make my suitcase meet wight restrictions!

The ladies there were also lovely, when I asked if the scarf i was buying counted as clothes, she replied by stuffing it into the bag and including it in the $5. She also cheated by giving me a bigger bag to transfer my purchases outside, as my bag was stuffed to bursting! What a darl :)

My wooly goods after going through the wash!
Cat and Bird: Recycled in Melbourne is a good website for nice op shops and vintage places around Melbourne, but they haven’t reviewed this one yet so I thought I’d do it myself, borrowing their format.

Well, it’s very traditionally op shop. Lots of brown and cream, crockery a-plenty. Pants-suits reign supreme. The window displays are quite lovingly done and tend to hold the best selection in there; I’ve gotten some fantastic landscapes that are currently hanging in my room after seeing them in there. There’s usually a nice selection of winter jackets, but sizes in here tend to be in the extremes (both small and big).

My jumper with extra extra long sleeves

FINAL WORD: Great if you like your jumpers big and/ or wildly patterned, or if you live in the area and can pop in regularly and nab the good stuff.

Where is it? 192 Elgar Rd, Box Hill South

How do I get there? Take the 70 tram to the end, cross Elgar Rd.

Will I have to wait for a change room? Maybe, as there is only one. Depends how busy it is.

What’s on the stereo? Absolutely nothing. Shop to the relaxing sounds of hangers clanging together.

I’m hungry? That’s more of a statement then a question, but I’ll answer it anyway. For fantastic Thai, try Zap across the road on Riversdale (takes a while to get your food though). For a quick bite, there’s a nice bakery near the tram stop.

This one's got me feeling a bit crazy

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