Getting my money’s worth out of my donations

Is it still a donation if you get stuff for it?

I just donated at Croq Zine to get issue 12 off the ground, and I get ALL the back issues of the zine, PLUS the new issue, PLUS a lip gloss. So does it still count as donation, or just a purchase?

Like my love of shopping at the Salvos around the corner. I say that I’m trying to curb my consumption by buying second hand and I’m giving to the needy, but I’m getting some (slightly overpriced) vintage goodies out of the deal.

It sure as hell makes me more eager to donate.

I guess the a lot of charities are doing the same thing though; you might get a pink ribon or a daffodill or a plastic wrist band- something to alert others that you’re a selfless and generous human being. I know that sounds cynical, like people are only donating to get something out of it; be that a positive image of themselves to present to others, or a warm glowing feeling, or a stack of craft zines. But hey, I guess if it works, why not?

What do you think?


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