Pretty Catherine Campbell Prints

This weekend I turned from the mess on my floor with some guilt and focused instead on hanging the Catherine Campbell prints I just got framed on my walls. 

I would have called it something like "I Need to Brush My Hair More Often"


She might need to brush also


They’re called “The Scent of Raspberries” and “The Owl in the Attic Has Swallowed the Moon” which is so whimsical and beautiful. I hung the top one above my bed next to some little antique paintings my mum gave me as a present. I hope the girls in these come and visit me in my dreams as I would very much like to meet them! 

Looks so nice above my bed!

My messy messy makeup table...

2 responses to “Pretty Catherine Campbell Prints

  1. Wow! I’m very flattered that you have taken so much care to frame and hang them. Thank you so much, I’m really glad you’re enjoying them.
    x Catherine

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