I’m not quite sure how to start this. Maybe with a little bit about myself? Maybe my aims and influences?

Writing a blog for assessment at uni has me trying to approach this the way I would approach an assignment; crap on a bit and try to tick all the boxes as I go.

I already have enough assignments in my life and this blog WILL NOT be one of them.

It may take off, I may forget my password and abandon it in week 3, I may provide someone out there with something that vaguely amuses them for a few seconds before they hop on Facebook.

I’m told that a successful blog must have a niche, and a few of my favorites, such as New Dress a Day or The Jealous Curator to name two, certainly have theirs (fashion and art). But other blogs I love, such as Jeremy & Kathleen and Isismade, contain a mix of art/ craft/ cool and life and do this superbly.

Plus the name Purple Custard Service Station is all about the random and I don’t have the attention span to stick to one topic.

So that’s my first post over and done with and it was surprisingly nerve-wracking. Hopefully the words flow a bit more easily from here!

By the way, the photo which I’m also using as my header is on that I took on my friend Emme’s homemade pinhole camera. For the full set, check out The Pinhole Project


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